[CDBI] Bug in object index not resolved

Edmund von der Burg edmund.vonderburg at gmail.com
Tue Feb 21 14:35:44 GMT 2006


a while back I posted a test script (attached) that showed up a bug in
the object index that means that a new row whose PK comes from a
sequence is not added to the index correctly, although this may only
affect users of postgres. In the thread that followed a solution came
to light that fixes this problem in 3.0.12:

       # Line 578 or so of Class/DBI.pm 3.0.14

       # now that we have a complete primary key, add this to the
       # object index
       if ( $Weaken_Is_Available ) {
         $self = $class->_init( $self );

Could this fix be added to the next release. Currently it very
difficult to work with CDBI and new objects, especially in tests where
you create one, change it and then find that it does not work.

The previous discussion is archived here:


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