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Thu Feb 23 16:39:31 GMT 2006

On Thu, Feb 23, 2006 at 04:04:27PM +0000, Dave Howorth wrote:
> I've got a weird problem - I don't begin to know what's happening and 
> wonder if anybody has seen anything like this before?
> I'm running a script that uses Class::DBI to access a MySQL database. 
> When I run it after a few minutes it goes into a loop. Up to that point 
> it seems to be behaving normally and printing progress information etc. 
> The point at which it starts looping is different each time (i.e. 
> apparently no dependence on my data). An strace shows it is trying to 
> access the database (on another machine) and getting repeated EAGAIN 
> errors. Here's a sample:

Sucky. What does an strace on the server show?
> The database is still usable from other processes on the m/c that's 
> running the script so there's apparently no problem with the database or 
> connections to it.

SHOW PROCESSLIST at the mysql console might help too.

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