[CDBI] Worknig on Class::DBI::Relationship::IsA

Peter Speltz peterspeltz at gmail.com
Fri Feb 24 19:36:23 GMT 2006

Anyone want to test this version out. It is Old CDBI compatible.   I
dont have that installed. Heres changes. Also added to synopsis for
one_to_one stuff.

No more spurious warnings
Attempts to use Class::DBI::Sweet's search  (temporary hack until proper solu-
tion can be made)
one_to_one and many_to_many args recognized. note default WILL BE one_to_one
but not until Version 1.0.

Rhesa, It defaults now to many_to_many since we dont want to break
peoples code this release. Question for you, -- I like my one_to_one's
to have the same ID in most cases. Makes stuff easy. I hacked IsA's
_creator sub to put the ID of the Parent into the childs data hash
since parent is created first.  I'm thinking this is a pretty common
desire and am wondering how to  make it do that nicely when you want.
Probably another arg .

Also, dont have time to get to has_many inherit yet.

Also, Matt has good point about cpan installing CDBI 3.14 . I think
the cpan needs install IsA that is compatible with  whatever
Class::DBI it installs. So we have to take it the other way -- the
developemnt versions will be .06_CDBI_Frozen_301 or whatever.  Sorry. 
CDBI COMPATIBILITY will be well documented .

I think that covers it. Appreciate any testing.
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