[CDBI] Re: Class::DBI maintainer/userbase issues?

Edward J. Sabol sabol at alderaan.gsfc.nasa.gov
Mon Feb 27 19:34:08 GMT 2006

> If you were about to embark on a large, brand-new project, would you base
> it on the latest Class::DBI (currently 3.0.14), or stay with 3.01?

I would use the latest Class::DBI available when I start development. There
are a lot of bug fixes in CDBI 3.0.14, and I'd much rather use that over
CDBI::Frozen. There are a few incompatible changes too, but they are
relatively minor. That said, I'm currently using CDBI 0.96 because I started
development on a project that uses CDBI a year and a half ago and upgrading
would require code changes and considerable regression testing. With no
compelling need to upgrade (the existing code works fine), we have elected to
stay with 0.96. I believe this is a common practice. Pick whatever version
works best for you and don't upgrade needlessly. That applies to every CPAN
module, not just CDBI. CPAN makes it really easy and tempting to upgrade your
modules, but you shouldn't unless you really need to do so. And, if you do,
be prepared to do regression testing. If you have an automated test suite,
then this is obviously easier.

> Is there a reason for concern here?

Not really, IMHO.

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