[CDBI] Does Class::DBI require hash-based objects?

Jesse Sookne sooknej at netiq.com
Tue Jan 3 17:17:57 GMT 2006

Hello all,


I'm new Class::DBI and this list.  I have (what I think is) a basic
question about Class::DBI that I haven't been able to find the answer to
in the docs, the mailing list archives, Google, etc.


Does Class::DBI require that its subclasses (application base classes as
described in the Class::DBI doc) use hash-based objects?


I'm attempting to use Class::DBI along with Class::Std.  Classes based
on Class::Std don't use hash-based objects - they use scalar-based
objects and hash-based attributes.  (See the Class:Std documentation or
"Perl Best Practices" from O'Reilly for more on this).  Has anyone done
this before?


If this is something I need to post more info about (e.g. a failing test
case), I'll do that.  But I was hoping there might be an easy answer to
this (e.g. some documentation I've missed, etc).




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