[CDBI] Prepared statement handle error under mod_perl

Ryan Tate lists at ryantate.com
Thu Jan 19 06:44:40 GMT 2006

On 1/18/06, Perrin Harkins <perrin at elem.com> wrote:
>Try disabling MySQL's auto-reconnect feature.

Thanks for this, it sounds promising. I have it disabled but of course
I need some hours before I know if it worked ;->

I may submit a DBD::mysql doc patch -- it works in the \%attrs
argument to DBI->connect (i.e. {RaiseError => 1, mysql_auto_reconnect
=> 0}) but not in the dsn, which could be made clearer (especially
since mysql_use_result works this way).

I also vaguely wonder if DBD::mysql or DBI could handle this whole
thing more gracefully -- one would think an sth cached by
prepare_cached would be cleared out on reconnect if the reconnect is
going to spoil the sth. But that's way beyond the scope of this list.

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