[CDBI] Write out CDBI modules from Loader and Loader::Relationship

John Li johnli at accessmedia.tv
Fri Jan 27 17:40:19 GMT 2006

Yes, Randal, that's exactly what I'm looking for.
Where can I find your code?



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>>>>> "John" == John Li <johnli at accessmedia.tv> writes:

John> Is there a CPAN module to generate CDBI table definitions
John> such as results from Class::DBI::Loader and
John> Class::DBI::Loader::Relationship? If not, I don't mind to write
John> one which uses those 2 modules when I have time.

John> I'd like to examine the results and add things like triggers. I may
John> like to run CDBI from non mod_perl environment.

John> Tim Bunce had a 'define_columns' method which makes it easier to
John> all table columns but I don't think he submitted it. Even with that,
John> it's too time consuming to define hundreds of tables.

I have code that runs Class::DBI::Loader's moral equivalent
(the code I wrote for a magazine column) and then walks the table
definitions to dump out all the has_a and has_many as Perl code.

Is that what you're looking for?

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