[CDBI] (no subject)

Daniel Williams danielw at staff.iinet.net.au
Fri Jul 21 05:17:02 BST 2006


I am undoubtedly going to sound like an idiot somewhere in this email.

I absolutely need to minimise / limit the number of DBI connections and
hopefully without impacting performance too much.

I would like to use something like ResourcePool for the DBI connection
inside of my (Class::DBI)DBI base class.

When a script wants the database handle it uses db_Main, which is fine,
I can put the resourcepool get stuff there. Does class dbi call a
function once its completed an action that I can use the free the
connection ?

Even more fancy, I want to use ResourcePool::Singleton to have a single
resource pool across an Apache Mod Perl environment.

Has anyone gone down this track, and made it work ?


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