[CDBI] one to one relationship

brett gardner brett at clientcomm.com.au
Tue Jun 13 06:07:11 BST 2006

What is the best way to define a one to one relationship in Class::DBI?

I have a table of queries where a user can do a basic search for 
services. Then, if they want more information on their search, they can 
fill in their details which populates a request. Nine times out of ten 
the user will not be requesting any more info so I have created two 
tables, "queries" and "requested_queries".

| query_id  |
| search    |
| timestamp |

| requested_query_id |
| query_id           |
| firstname          |
| surname            |
| email              |

Now is there anyway in Class::DBI to setup a relationship whereby I 
could code the following (for an existing query that does not yet have a 
matching requested query)


I tried using "might_have", but this fails as both the "firstname" and 
"surname" are required fields. And as soon as I call 
"$query->firstname('joe');" it tries to run the insert statement without 
waiting for the "$query->update" call.


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