[CDBI] Re: cannot use get method after updating fields in object

Edward J. Sabol sabol at alderaan.gsfc.nasa.gov
Tue Jun 13 22:58:42 BST 2006

Marc Elser wrote:
> Here comes the problem: the CPAN documentation states the if the fields
> are needed again (which were unloaded by updating them) they will be
> simple fetched from the database. But somehow this doesn't seem to work.
> When I do a $obj->get('name') which is a valid field, I get 'undef'
> instead of the real value. Is this because the primary key has been
> unloaded too, or what's the problem here?

It's unclear what the problem may be. I've not come across this problem
personally, but then I don't use CDBI 3.0.14. Can you somehow trim your code
down to a minimal fragment that reproduces the problem? I suggest you modify
one of the test scripts (either pick an existing script from the CDBI "t"
directory that tests the get() method or develop a new test script using the
existing CDBI test framework) in an attempt to reproduce the problem. If you
can reproduce the problem in the CDBI test suite, that would be extremely
helpful. Then, file a bug report at


and attach your patch for the test suite to it so that Tony Bowden can look
into it. If you submit a bug report with a failing test case, Tony is very
good at looking into the problem and resolving it quickly.

Hope this helps,

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