[CDBI] Re: Changing Your Column Accessor Method Names

Matt S Trout dbix-class at trout.me.uk
Tue Jun 20 20:36:27 BST 2006

Edward J. Sabol wrote:
> Derek Basch <dbasch at yahoo.com> wrote:
>> After a few more hours of digging I found that the name of the method
>> had changed to 'accessor_name_for' instead of 'accessor_name'. I had
>> been reading some older documentation.
> Yeah, this is one of those changes that Tony made to the API in v3.0.x that
> had me scratching my head. Yeah, it's semantically more correct, but it just
> seemed gratuitous to me. Oh, well, "ours is not to ask why," I guess. Anyway,
> I've updated the Wiki....

This is why DBIx::Class maintains extremely careful backwards compatibility 
between releases, even though we're younger and more actively developed than 

Then again, there's no "ours is not to ask why" in DBIx::Class - it's a 
community project with heavy involvement from a large team of committers and 

I have a lot of respect for Tony technically, but I can't see the point of an 
open source project without community involvement myself - DBIC wouldn't be 
nearly as good as it is without the contributions of the rest of the team, and 
Class::DBI seems to have been going slowly downhill in terms of stability and 
compatability since Tony withdrew from the community.

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