[CDBI] Re: Class-DBI on Apache/MS-Windows

Karjala karjala_lists at karjala.org
Wed Mar 22 18:11:31 GMT 2006

Thanks! That solved my problem.

If only, now, there were a way to tell Class::DBI::mysql to close the 
connection it opens when it does set_up_table, life would be easier.

Edward J. Sabol wrote:
>> I'm waiting for a CDBI person to answer me this question, if there
>> is an answer.
> I thought Perrin did a reasonably good job of responding to your original
> question already, but I'll take a shot.... Feel free to ignore my advice if
> you don't like it.
> In my opinion, you should just stop using set_up_table(). Define your columns
> and relationships explicitly using the standard CDBI methods. If you do that,
> then Apache won't try to connect to the database before initiating any
> threads and your problem is solved.
> I know a lot of people use set_up_table() or CDBI::Loader/AutoLoader and I
> suppose they can be useful if you're doing rapid prototyping and such, but I
> just think they are all more trouble than they're worth, *especially* in an
> Apache/mod_perl environment.
> Hope this helps,
> Ed

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