[CDBI] Time::Piece behaviour on CDBI::MySQL

Karjala karjala_lists at karjala.org
Fri May 5 19:22:43 BST 2006

Time::Piece has this functionality:

__PACKAGE__->autoinflate(dates => 'Time::Piece')

that translates dates from the database to Time::Piece and vice versa.

This module assumes that the times stored in the database are GMT times 
(as opposed to local times).

A problem thus occurs when the times stored in the MySQL database are 
local times.

The following problem, specifically: time differences ($t - $s) are 
wrong. This program produces a big negative number instead of a number 
close to 5 which would be expected (assume I live east of London):

$a = localtime;


$s = $row->time;
$t = localtime;

print $t - $s;

A way to solve this problem might be for the CDBI::MySQL developers to 
set another parameter for the autoinflate method, that would tell the 
module whether the times stored in the database are local times or GMT.

[In general, a Time::Piece object is GMT iff $t->[10] == 0, and local if 
$t->[10] == 1]

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