[CDBI] Joins & custom relationships

Kate Yoak kate at tomorrowsearch.com
Sat May 6 05:12:08 BST 2006

OK, I did manage to figure it out.  Looks like
Class::DBI::Sweet::SQL::Abstract hardcodes the relationships within
_resolve_join .

For now, I simply included my own relationship in there.  However, since
there exists a mechanism for adding relationships - those which come
standard shouldn't get special treatment.  :-)  It might be nice for a
relationship to be able to register the data necessary to participate.

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  Class::DBI::Sweet says
 MyApp::Artist->search({ 'cds.tags.tag' => 'Shiny' });This looks really
cool, and most importantly it works!  My question is - how do I make my
custom relationship class participate?  That is, what kind of information do
has_a, has_many & might_have store in the object to make joins work?

  That part of the code is pretty opaque, and it's likely Matt or someone
can tell me exactly what i am looking for right away :-)


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