[CDBI] Joins & custom relationships

Matt S Trout dbix-class at trout.me.uk
Sat May 6 15:58:06 BST 2006

Kate Yoak wrote:
> OK, I did manage to figure it out.  Looks like 
> Class::DBI::Sweet::SQL::Abstract hardcodes the relationships within 
> _resolve_join .
> For now, I simply included my own relationship in there.  However, since 
> there exists a mechanism for adding relationships - those which come 
> standard shouldn't get special treatment.  :-)  It might be nice for a 
> relationship to be able to register the data necessary to participate.

The whole thing's a bit of a nasty hack, since I had to stuff it in at 
the SQL::Abstract stage of things for various reasons. The approach I've 
used in DBIx::Class is much better, but I'm not sure the metadata it 
needs exists at all under Class::DBI and I don't have the time to 
revisit Sweet given the only code I have left using it is now in 
maintenance mode pending replacement.

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