[CDBI] fail to use Class::DBI methods when using perl 5.6.1

Matt S Trout dbix-class at trout.me.uk
Wed May 17 13:18:13 BST 2006

Shani Ben Avraham wrote:
>   Hi,
> I developed code using Class::DBI on perl 5.8.7 and moved the code (due 
> to some constraint) to perl 5.6.1.
> When using methods of Class::DBI I get errors (nevertheless set_sql 
> method works fine).
> For example when using method find_or_create on one of my tables I get 
> the following error:

Looks like a Class::DBI or $other_library version mismatch of some sort to me. 
Write a little script that walks %INC, dumps $VERSION for the appropriate 
packages and prints out a list. Run it on both systems and diff the output, 
see what's different.

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