[CDBI] Newb - CDBI and Sessions

Scott R. Prelewicz scottp at noein.com
Wed May 24 03:20:59 BST 2006


i am new to Class:DBI and am confused on the best way to handle session data with CDBI. I usually use CGI::Session to handle my sessions, and I can't wrap my head around trying to implement that with CDBI. I may not be getting something, where a separate session module may not be needed and CDBI can do all session and persistence work itself. Is there a way to subclass CDBI and use CGI::SEssion, interfacing my session table with CDBI? Can I be a PITA and ask for some simple code examples of how this is done in best practice.

I hope this makes sense, I am confused enough to not quite explain any better.

thanks in advance.
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