[CDBI] Re: prepare_cached...statement handle DBIx::ContextualFetch::st=HASH still Active

Edward J. Sabol sabol at alderaan.gsfc.nasa.gov
Wed May 31 20:51:00 BST 2006

> DBD::mysql Version: 3.0004

Very interesting. Try "downgrading" to version 3.0003 of DBD::mysql. Or
upgrade to the 3.0004_1 developer release.


The Changelog for the latter indicates the following change in 3.0004_1:

  * Fix dbd_st_finish which closed the handle prematurely (Martin Evans)

jmessrie at cox.net reported a similar problem on the mailing list just a couple
days ago and I believe he reported that downgrading to 3.0003 fixed the
problem he was seeing.

Hope this helps,

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