[CDBI] issues with utf8?

Jim Lambert jlambert at brandeis.edu
Tue Nov 28 03:05:46 GMT 2006

I'm having some issues with using Class::DBI with utf8 data in an  
oracle database.

I have to make all the columns 'Essential' or everything just hangs  
when I try to retrieve non-primary key columns.

Also, I can't seem to get has_many relationships to work with this  
utf8 database.   When I try to retrieve a has_many relationship  
objects, the query just hangs.

I have noticed, that if I downgrade the utf8 data, then I can use it  
to retrieve Class::DBI sub-classes.   Unfortunately, there's no way  
to downgrade the primary key data used internally in Class::DBI to  
retrieve has_many relationship objects.

Any help would be appreciated.

Jim Lambert
jlambert at brandeis.edu / AIM: jimlambrt

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