[CDBI] Re: issues with utf8?

Edward J. Sabol sabol at alderaan.gsfc.nasa.gov
Wed Nov 29 00:25:21 GMT 2006

> This is a horrible hack.... does anyone have a better fix for this utf8
> problem?

It's not clear to me if this is a generic problem or specific to Oracle. It
sounds like a generic problem, but I don't recall anyone reporting similar
problems. It may be that most of us don't have databases with UTF-8 data in
them. If you feel it is a generic problem (applicable to MySQL's UTF-8
support as well, for example), then it's probably worth reporting the problem
to Tony via RT at


or by e-mailing <bugs-Class-DBI at rt.cpan.org>. Feel free to attach your
patch(es) as well if they are. The first thing he'll do is ask for a broken
test case. If you could adapt one of the t/*.t scripts that ship with CDBI to
exhibit the problem, then there's a good chance that Tony will fix it.

If it's specific to Oracle's UTF-8 support, then adding some kind of
workaround to Class::DBI::Oracle might be more appropriate.

Hope this helps,

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