[CDBI] Script that crashes mod_perl

Eric Just e-just at northwestern.edu
Mon Oct 9 14:44:12 BST 2006

At 04:57 PM 10/6/2006, Perrin Harkins wrote:
>On Fri, 2006-10-06 at 16:49 -0500, Eric Just wrote:
> > Does anyone have any insights as to why the following script crashes
> > mod_perl after 2000 page requests?
>What does "crashes" mean here?  Segfaults?  Goes into swap?  Stops
>responding?  Reboots the server?  Is there something in the error log?

Sorry about that.  It throws a windows Application error:

Apache HTTP Server has encountered a problem and needs to close.

The apache error log entry looks like this:
[Mon Oct 09 08:29:06 2006] [notice] Parent: child process exited with 
status 3221225477 -- Restarting.

The server then successfully restarts after which I can access another 2000 
times before the same crash.

I am trying out Ed's suggestions on this.  I will report back on my 
progress later today.



Eric Just
e-just at northwestern.edu
dictyBase Programmer
Center for Genetic Medicine
Northwestern University


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