[CDBI] Re: Script that crashes mod_perl

Eric Just e-just at northwestern.edu
Mon Oct 9 20:37:17 BST 2006

>Personally, I would install Linux or FreeBSD. :-)

Unfortunately, not an option!

>Try googling "status 3221225477". There are a lot of hits, so it's apparently
>a common problem, and it's obviously Windows-specific. I doubt it has
>anything to do with Class::DBI.

To follow up on this mainly for posterity's sake:

Changing the following line in Class/DBI.pm's sth_to_objects method:
$sth->bind_columns(\(@data{ @{ $sth->{NAME_lc} } }));
$sth->bind_columns(\(@data{ @{ $sth->{NAME} } }));

Eliminated the problem.  This seems OK since the FetchHashKeyName option is 
passed to the database connection.  Probably not advisable for everyone, 
but for me, this little fix is needed.   Not sure if the problem is with 
DBI, DBD::Oracle, or Windows, or some deadly combination thereof, but 
Windows/Oracle definitely does not like the $sth->{'Name_lc'} key for 
statement handles here.



Eric Just
e-just at northwestern.edu
dictyBase Programmer
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Northwestern University


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