[CDBI] Re: Subclass load order problem with relationships

Edward J. Sabol sabol at alderaan.gsfc.nasa.gov
Thu Oct 12 20:17:27 BST 2006

Oliver Jeeves responded to Lianna with the following:
> There was a thread about subclassing CDBI objects on here a while ago,
> and I was having similar problems to you; When reblessing a CDBI object,
> the relationships for the new class didn't work.
> I never thought it might have something to do with class loading order,
> although I suppose it does make sense. It would also explain why that
> method worked for some other people, but not for me.
> Either way, I found a solution that works without having to worry about
> class loading order, I posted them on this list back in September:

Oliver and/or Lianna, would you consider distilling all your info concerning
implementing a CDBI factory pattern and post it to the wiki? I think it would
make a lovely addition to the CDBI cookbook.



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