[CDBI] odd swapping database issue on vhost / mason install

Alan alan at ufies.org
Tue Apr 3 00:46:01 BST 2007

Hey all.  I have a bit of an odd situation with class::dbi on an
HTML::Mason install that is starting to be a bit of an issue.

The situation is that I have two virtual hosts on a dedicated server, 
both running close to the same codebase, using Mason which utilizes
class::dbi for all my database access.  The idea is I have a 
content management system written in mason that will be
customized slightly per-user, and it'll all run on the same host.  

The mason install is separated but the two CMS::DBI libraries (one
running under each vhost) seem to be clashing.

The issue is that the database handle seems to swap between sites
randomly.  My system prints out pages (site.com/test.html) by
getting them dynamically from the dabase, and randomly I'll get a page
not found, then reload and it's there, then reload and it's gone.  The
site is using Class::DBI and both virtualhosts are using a library with
the same name (CMS::DBI), not sure if the naming is the issue, it
appears so, but I'm not sure how to fix it.

I write a little chunk of code in my displaypage.mc component that gets
the $dbh handle via class::dbi->db_Main and then does a query against it
to show all the databases.

Ocassionally, sometimes once a reload sometimes once every couple of
reloads, the dump at the top goes from database name of 'site1' to a
name of 'site2'.

Is there a way to separate the namespace of a mason install?  Maybe
with a custom handler or something?  Right now I'm just using the
default 'SetHandler perl-script /  PerlHandler HTML::Mason::ApacheHandler' 
and would really like to not have to change my code from CMS::DBI to
CMS2::DBI each time I add a new vhost.

Any mason/class-dbi experts input appreciated.


(also posted to the mason list in case it's  mason issue)

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