[CDBI] Re: odd swapping database issue on vhost / mason install

Edward J. Sabol sabol at alderaan.gsfc.nasa.gov
Tue Apr 3 04:26:25 BST 2007

Alan <alan at ufies.org> wrote:
> Or do you think this would still cause issues? I suppose if both are
> still called CMS::DBI then they'd possibly be accessing different the
> wrong ones. Bah. I'll give it quick try now though, and see what
> happens.

I think you'll still have problems. You still have two different modules with
the same name loaded into the same mod_perl server, right? That's a recipe
for disaster, I think. I believe the only solutions are to use the same
modules for all vhosts or name the modules differently for each vhost. But I
don't really do any vhosting, so I'm really just blowing smoke.

I'm a little concerned about your use of set_up_table(). Not sure if it's
related to the problem you are experiencing or not, but I know it can cause
problems. I'm not a proponent of that method, especially in a mod_perl
context. I always define my CDBI classes manually.


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