[CDBI] installation problems ...

Francis Dierick francis.dierick at psb.ugent.be
Tue Feb 13 10:49:50 GMT 2007

Maybe something is wrong with the .so files on this machine? Maybe I  
should explain you our setup:

* everything is installed / compiled on a BUILD machine in /usr/local
* /usr/local is then nfs-mounted on the TARGET machine (identical  
architecture, etc ...)

My guess is, for some reason the BUILD machine finds the correct .so  
files while the TARGET machine does not ...

A question that might help me in my debugging quest:

Q: How can I find which .so files are actually used by perl? Is this  
related to @INC?

Additionally, ... It seems Storable.pm are NOT the same on the two  
machines ...

diff Storable_psbdev01.pm Storable_werewulf.pm
< $VERSION = '2.13';
 > $VERSION = '2.15';
< eval "use Log::Agent";
 > {
 >     local $SIG{__DIE__};
 >     eval "use Log::Agent";
 > }
 > =item C<STORABLE_attach> I<class>, I<cloning>, I<serialized>

Q: Is downgrading to 2.13 going to help? What about just chaning the  
$VERSION line to 2.13?

Cheers - Francis

On 12 Feb 2007, at 21:18, Perrin Harkins wrote:

> On 2/12/07, Thomas Charron <twaffle at gmail.com> wrote:
>>   I don't have a devel system in front of me ATM, but isn't that the
>> error that comes up when a module requires a certain version of a
>> module?  Aka, something is saying it needs 2.13, and 2.15 is on the
>> system?
> He's not loading anything but Storable.  I think it's an error that
> DynaLoader throws when it finds the wrong .so files.
> - Perrin

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