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Dan Rowles d.rowles at outcometechnologies.com
Thu Feb 15 10:30:02 GMT 2007

Michael G Schwern wrote:
> * Inflate columns into objects on demand.
> CDBI inflates columns as soon as they are fleshed out.   If the inflated column is never accessed then its a plain waste.  If a class has relationships it can result in a cascade of inflations and object loads.

If I remember correctly, when inflating columns which are part of a 
"has_a" relationship, Class::DBI just calls the _simple_bless() method, 
which won't go to the database at all. So this is probably less of a 
problem than you think. I don't think you can get cascading database 
loads this way.....

> * Speed up id() and primary_column() (probably by caching primary_column)
> In profiling I've found CDBI spends too much time calculating an object's id.  A lot of this is determining the primary columns and then calculating an id from it.  This all can probably be cached in the object.

Or, create a method in the child class called "id" when the user calls 
"__PACKAGE__->columns(Primary => qw/ whatever /)".

Good luck with your project :)

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