Make joins go fast (Re: [CDBI] Re: Make CDBI go fast)

Edward J. Sabol sabol at
Fri Feb 16 05:48:17 GMT 2007

> Edward J. Sabol wrote:
>>> * Somehow make joins go fast
>> [...]
>>> * Construct a hierarchy of CDBI objects from a SELECT
>> These features would be very welcome, I'm sure, but I fear they will prove
>> difficult or hack-ish to implement and maintain (c.f. CDBI::Sweet).

Michael Schwern responded:
> Tell me about how CDBI::Sweet handles joins. Can I use it as a drop in
> replacement for CDBI?

Honestly, I don't have any experience using CDBI::Sweet, but it's a subclass
of CDBI, so I expect it should be very compatible with CDBI, if not fully
compatible. Unfortunately, it lumps a kitchen sink full of other CDBI
enhancements together into one module along with the improved support for
joins. It was also developed before CDBI v3.0.x, so I doubt it takes full
advantage of the refactoring that's taken place since then.


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