[CDBI] mod_perl problems

Bill Hess bhess at techrg.com
Sun Feb 25 02:24:45 GMT 2007

Perrin Harkins wrote:
> On 2/22/07, Bill Hess <bhess at techrg.com> wrote:
>> - but still having "caching" issues.
> Can you describe the symptoms?  Is it reproducible?  What database are
> you using?  Have you checked the isolation level?
We are getting recs that are older than ones we expect to get - when 
running a web based UI under Apache in single process mode (httpd -X) we 
have no problems - only when we have it running normally under mod_perl 
(Apache::Registry) - which means that multiple Perl interpreters are spawned

We are using MySQL

Have not checked the isolation level - not sure what this means but will 
research it against the CDBI docs and try to do so...
>> $MyClass::DBI::weaken_is_available = 0;
>> Should this do the trick?
> No.  You have to do exactly what it shows in the wiki:
> $Class::DBI::Weaken_Is_Available = 0;
I made this change and this seems to fix my problem!  Thanks!

This setting will not allow me to take advantage of the index cache for 
any of my objects.
Also - besides not using the index cache - are there any other issues 
with setting $Class::DBI::Weaken_Is_Available = 0;
with mod_perl for example more memory usage than normal, etc...

Is there a way to pick and choose which objects use the index cache?

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