[CDBI] select lower(thing) from...

Oliver Jeeves oj at defuturo.co.uk
Thu Jan 18 15:40:11 GMT 2007

Howdy folks!

I've not seen anything to suggest this can be done in CDBI, but I
thought I'd give it a shot anyway.

I'm trying to do a case insensitive search on a column in a database.
I'm using SQLite, which doesn't appear to use ILIKE, so the recipe from
the cookbook for case insensitive searches won't work.

I would imagine that the best way to achieve this, it to convert my
search term to lower case, and SELECT LOWER(column) from the database
for the comparrison. Is there any way I could do this directly in

I suspect that I'll just be getting the DB handle and constructing my
own SQL here, but any suggestions are welcome.


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