[CDBI] Memcached

Randal L. Schwartz merlyn at stonehenge.com
Fri Jan 26 18:52:41 GMT 2007

>>>>> "Derek" == Derek Watson <watson at wayspa.com> writes:

Derek> What is the best way to use Memcached with Class::DBI? Should I just
Derek> override retrieve() and update()? I have reviewed Class::DBI::Sweet's
Derek> code for implementing caching, but it doesn't seem very clean. .. is
Derek> that just the nature of CDBI's framework or is there a better way?

Derek> Please let me know if anyone else is using this type of functionality
Derek> or if anyone is close enough to the internals to know the right
Derek> approach for doing this sort of thing.

I've tried to do this stuff, and gotten some degree of success, but I believe
it was Perrin who told me first that if you have to cache that much, you are
probably going to get a better return by fixing the database or your queries
instead.  Sorry if I ruined the quote too badly, Perrin.

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