[CDBI] Turning Class::DBI on its side

Duncan Ferguson duncan_j_ferguson at yahoo.co.uk
Wed Jul 25 14:32:42 BST 2007

Bit of a strange cry for help this (not written a module before so  
some of my terminology is probably off, sorry)

I want to turn the Class::DBI objects on their side; I want to store  
some application configuration within a database table, i.e.

Table: prefs
| id | name             | value                      |
|  0 | filename         | /path/to/file.txt          |
|  1 | item_enabled     | 1                          |
|  2 | task_name        | something                  |

so instead of doing

my $row=DB::Prefs->search({ name => " filename}})->first;
print $row->value,$/;

I can do

print DB::Prefs->filename,$/;



So, how I can set up the accessors to point to a row in the database  
rather than a column?  There should only be one row per name (so name  
could be a primary key rather than id).  I can see that I probably  
have to provide/create each accessor for each distinct item in the  
table (or do a generic AUTOLOAD one to search for the item and get  
the value) but how do I create the correct object to be returned to  
the caller?


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