[CDBI] Turning Class::DBI on its side

Dave Howorth dhoworth at mrc-lmb.cam.ac.uk
Wed Jul 25 15:11:54 BST 2007

Duncan Ferguson wrote:
> So, how I can set up the accessors to point to a row in the database
> rather than a column?  There should only be one row per name (so name
> could be a primary key rather than id).  I can see that I probably have
> to provide/create each accessor for each distinct item in the table (or
> do a generic AUTOLOAD one to search for the item and get the value) but
> how do I create the correct object to be returned to the caller? 

Well if you really want to do that :) ...

If the body of your accessor methods use code similar to that you
already showed, the objects will already be constructed (by the search)
will they not?

Cheers, Dave

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