[CDBI] Disable caching of column values?

Eric Busto EBusto at nvidia.com
Thu Jun 7 23:23:08 BST 2007

I was hoping for a method that would not require additional code in the
application side.  However, you pointing out the need to call
_attribute_delete allowed me to fine tune my Google and code searching.
I came across the following post to the CDBI mailing list:

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On 6/7/07, Eric Busto <EBusto at nvidia.com> wrote:
> When the still-running application calls an accessor,
> I want it to have the latest data, instead of what is cached inside
> object.
> Can someone tell me how to disable the column value caching, so
> Class::DBI/the object will hit the database every time the accessor is
> called?

Create a new object every time.

my $foo = Foo->retrieve(17);
print $foo->bar;
undef $foo;
my $foo = Foo->retrieve(17); # fetched again
print $foo->bar; # current value

Alternatively, you can delete a single column so it will be fetched


That's a private method though and is probably different in different

- Perrin
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