[CDBI] Re: ANNOUNCE: Ima::DBI 0.35 released

Brad Bowman list at bereft.net
Tue Jun 12 01:42:43 BST 2007

Perrin Harkins wrote:
> On 6/11/07, Brad Bowman <list at bereft.net> wrote:
>> I now consider it to be a bug in DBD::SQLite (1.13)
> I agree, it sounds like a bug, since you didn't actually change your 
> schema.

The statistics are updated so previously generated query plans need to
be regenerated.  Early versions of SQLite left this to the user but
more recent versions (not yet in DBD::SQLite) handle this automatically
but saving the SQL string with the handle. So updating DBD::SQLite with
a newer upstream version should fix it.

>> I think that most of the solutions discussed
>> here would've helped although I just tried $if_active = 3 without 
>> success.
> What happens?  The same behavior as without it?

The behaviour is unchanged in my test case, although that may not reflect
usage in an application or via CDBI.  The difference in this case is that
the usability of the statement handle isn't reflected in the active flag,
so $if_active = 3 doesn't help.  That's not CDBI or DBI's problem though.


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