[CDBI] Make CDBI go fast

Brad Bowman list at bereft.net
Thu Mar 22 00:27:35 GMT 2007

Michael G Schwern wrote:
> Brad Bowman wrote:
>> Does any database allow a LIMIT $N index?  I mean, maintaining an index
>> of the top 10 only, updating as the appropriate.  Or is this best done
>> another way?
> *snip*
>> Sounds like my suggestion wouldn't apply in any case, given the flexibility
>> of the searches.
> Postgres might be able to do it, given its general flexibility.  It allows you
> to index expressions and using WHERE clauses already.  Unfortunately only
> indexing the first N doesn't help as soon as someone asks for the next N.
> Still, it might help if most folks don't ask for the next page.

Don't you just love Postgres:


Mysql, "You cannot associate a trigger with a TEMPORARY table or a view."


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