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Brad Bowman list at bereft.net
Mon May 7 07:12:53 BST 2007

Brad Bowman wrote:
> Perrin Harkins wrote:
>> On 3/21/07, Brad Bowman <list at bereft.net> wrote:
>>> That's what I was thinking, do one table scan keeping a sorted set of
>>> the top $N, comparing each scanned row with the last of the current
>>> row set.  Then the set is then kept in an index and maintained during
>>> insertions (easy) and deletions (if one of the set is deleted a scan
>>> may be needed) and updates.
> That said, I can't think of a situation where I have needed
> this.  Also, without database support, the administration pain
> probably sinks the idea.

Postgres just added support, at least from what I can tell:

== PostgreSQL Weekly News - May 06 2007 ==

== Applied Patches ==

- Mark TODO as done: "Allow ORDER BY ... LIMIT # to select high/low
   value without sort"

Tom Lane committed:

- Teach tuplesort.c about "top N" sorting, in which only the first N
   tuples need be returned.  We keep a heap of the current best N
   tuples and sift-up new tuples into it as we scan the input.  For M
   input tuples this means only about M*log(N) comparisons instead of
   M*log(M), not to mention a lot less workspace when N is small ---
   avoiding spill-to-disk for large M is actually the most attractive
   thing about it.  Patch includes planner and executor support for
   invoking this facility in ORDER BY ... LIMIT queries.  Greg Stark,
   with some editorialization by moi.


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