[CDBI] TEMP columns not persisting through $self->add_to_<something>s

Berg, Eric eric.berg at lehman.com
Tue May 15 02:36:10 BST 2007

 Not quite.  Sorry if I wasn't clear.

I have a method in my Test object that loads some data to create the
Actions using $test->add_to_actions().  It's called as
$test->load_action_defs(). In that method the actions have their TEMP
column values, but when I look at the Actions after that runs, the
actions are populated only with their id's.

I do run an after_create trigger on the actions that sets another TEMP
column value, which might have implications that I'm not aware of.

But basically, I call the method that does the add_to_actions(), and
when I return from that method, the temp columns in the Action objects
that I get with $test->actions have only the Primary column.

I hope that's more clear.


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On 5/14/07, Berg, Eric <eric.berg at lehman.com> wrote:
> Test->has_many(actions => 'Action');
> $action = $test->add_to_actions($action_parameters);
> Now, at this point, the $action object is in tact, but when I return 
> from the method (a method of Test, btw) that does the 
> add_to_actions(), the actions are empty, so we'd have to go back to 
> the db to get the data...only it's not in there, because they're temp
> Why do my TEMP columns disappear in the middle of the execution of a 
> program?

Not sure I'm following.  Are you saying that you don't return the
actions you created here, but then you fetch them from the db somewhere
else and they don't contain the temp data?  Temp columns are not saved
at all.  They only keep their value until the object goes out of scope.

- Perrin

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