[CDBI] has_a relationship with non-primary column?

Praveen Hombaiah phombaiah at gmail.com
Fri Sep 7 00:35:00 BST 2007

> >> # Is it possible to link this relationship with employee.desired_column
> >> instead of
> >> # employee.real_pk?
> >> __PACKAGE__->has_a( department => 'Department' );
> >The first argument to has_a is the column name, so that should be
> >'desired_column', not 'department.'

Isn't the first argument the column(of this class ie department ) that
stores the value of the PK of the "other" class?  Is it possible to store
the non-pk value of the "other" class in the column and indicate that in the
has_a declaration somehow?

Thanks so much for your time/expertise.

Praveen Hombaiah.
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