[CDBI] List still active ?

Guy Morton guy at alchemy.com.au
Wed Aug 27 23:36:55 BST 2008

The upshot is, pretty much, that unless you are maintaining an old  
project that uses it you'd probably steer clear and use something else  
instead (eg DBIx:Class)

On 28/08/2008, at 7:10 AM, Jay Strauss wrote:

> I believe much of the wind went out of the sails, when the Tony Bowden
> (co-author and maintainer), said in the perldoc of the module:
> "Getting changes accepted
> There is an active Class::DBI community, however I am not part of it.
> I am not on the mailing list, and I don't follow the wiki. I also do
> not follow Perl Monks or CPAN reviews or annoCPAN or whatever the tool
> du jour happens to be.
> If you find a problem with Class::DBI, by all means discuss it in any
> of these places, but don't expect anything to happen unless you
> actually tell me about it.
> The preferred method for doing this is via the CPAN RT interface,
> which you can access at http://rt.cpan.org/ or by emailing
> bugs-Class-DBI at rt.cpan.org
> If you email me personally about Class::DBI issues, then I will
> probably bounce them on to there, unless you specifically ask me not
> to. Otherwise I can't keep track of what all needs fixed. (This of
> course means that if you ask me not to send your mail to RT, there's a
> much higher chance that nothing will every happen about your
> problem)."
> And a bit of an Sh** Storm erupted.
> Since then I believe DBIx::Class started getting much of the  
> attention.
> My .02
> Jay
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