[CDBI] I need to specify the db owner as dbo..table_name

Berg, Eric eric.berg at lehman.com
Fri Feb 15 01:28:40 GMT 2008

I thought of that, but hadn't tried it.  When I did, it worked in
general, a in it did pass the entire string right through to the db.
That was cool.

Unfortunately, sp_columns which is called by cdbi::Sybase can't handle
that.  We could move away from the Sybase automatic setup stuff, but
we're not at this point.

We're thinking it may be something else at this point, however.

In an case, now we know.

Thanks, Michael.


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Berg, Eric wrote:
> I'm having some issues with queries against a Sybase cluster, and am 
> told by my DBAs that I need to specify not only the table name, but 
> the owner using the folloiwing syntax:
>    owner..table_name
> Is this possible? 

Try it?


CDBI doesn't do much with the table name other than stick it into the
query so it should work.

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