[CDBI] I am still with Class::DBI - anyone else?

Kate Yoak kate at yoak.com
Fri Mar 27 21:32:52 GMT 2009

Hey Kids,

I've been using Class::DBI since 2005 - ironically, getting into it just
after the Big Meltdown.  :-)

I put a lot of work into customizations, relationships, little hacks to make
it work the way I like it, and now it's like a comfy blanket.  It's hard to

A while ago I had an opportunity to look into DBIx::Class. I was on a
project, which was committed to it, and was given the somewhat intimidating
task of figuring out how to use it so I could teach everyone else.  I spent
a lot of time getting to know it and was able to write some useful samples
for the rest of the team.

The end result - I went home and got back to my ever-so-sweet Class::DBI.
Well, it's actually Matt's Class::DBI::Sweet.  It lends some unbelievable
awesomeness to the module.

I simply haven't found much that Class::DBI didn't support or didn't
accomodate after just a little code.

So... I was curious, is anyone still out there?  Matt, what are you up to?
Is anyone maintaining Class::DBI still?  I would love to team up with
someone to release some of my hacks, and if that were to happen, call for
everyone else's. I'd really like to see this code resurrected.  Someone
recently told me, Class::DBI was deprecated.  Deprecated my butt!  :-)

Any thoughts? Any voices?

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