[CDBI] I am still with Class::DBI - anyone else?

Brad Bowman list at bereft.net
Sat Mar 28 04:03:38 GMT 2009

> A while ago I had an opportunity to look into DBIx::Class. I was on a
> project, which was committed to it, and was given the somewhat intimidating
> task of figuring out how to use it so I could teach everyone else. 

I recently moved a project to DBIx::Class and also missed actually being
able to understand what was going on.  I also had to abandon, at least
for a while, some of my hack-ons.

The move was due to namespace cleanliness that I couldn't work out
how to do with CDBI, but was somewhat easier in DBIC.  I also felt that
it might be better to go with what seems to be the future.
I had the help/guidance of a more experienced DBIC user,
making my life easier.

> So... I was curious, is anyone still out there?  Matt, what are you up to?
> Is anyone maintaining Class::DBI still?  I would love to team up with
> someone to release some of my hacks, and if that were to happen, call for
> everyone else's. I'd really like to see this code resurrected.  Someone
> recently told me, Class::DBI was deprecated.  Deprecated my butt!  :-)

I have some hacks that could also go in a Class::DBI::Sweet::Topping::Cherry,
but I'm not keen on maintaining them.  It's just more useful to have the
code "out there" than in my attic.

> Any thoughts? Any voices?

The thing I actually wanted to mention is that the CDBICompat plugin
of DBIx::Class could suit your situation.  I didn't go via that route,
but it certainly seems worth considering as a backup plan.


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