[CDBI] I am still with Class::DBI - anyone else?

Carl Johnstone carl at eurohockey.net
Sat Mar 28 10:52:09 GMT 2009

Kate Yoak wrote:
> So... I was curious, is anyone still out there?  Matt, what are you up to?
> Is anyone maintaining Class::DBI still?  I would love to team up with
> someone to release some of my hacks, and if that were to happen, call for
> everyone else's. I'd really like to see this code resurrected.  Someone
> recently told me, Class::DBI was deprecated.  Deprecated my butt!  :-)

Matt moved on to found DBIx::Class - he figured that he could only do so 
much with Sweet.

We've still got some CDBI code in production, but we're not developing 
anything new with it. It's likely that we'll have completely moved on by 
the end of the year.


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