[CDBI] I am still with Class::DBI - anyone else?

Victor Churchill victorchurchill at gmail.com
Sun Mar 29 10:45:36 BST 2009

I realise I may be swimming against the tide here - I started a small
app using CDBI and then C::DBI::S end of 2004, when adding some new
capability to an established application tha t used plain old DBI. And
when I heard all the fuss I looked at DBIx and got scared, and looked
at the CDBI-DBIx compatibility layer and that scared me just as much.
And to be honest I haven't really found the CDBI does that much for
us: it seems actually quicker and easier to use vanilla DBI.
Definitely easier to understand what is going on when you come back to
it long time later. I don't know, maybe it depends on the sort of
schema you have, or how  long you've spent working on it at the SQL
level... I kind of feel like we 'tried to Do The Right Thing' but it
didn't really do it for us.

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