[CDBI] I am still with Class::DBI - anyone else?

Aaron Johnson aaronjjohnson at gmail.com
Sun Mar 29 20:12:41 BST 2009


I started using Class::DBI several years ago, shortly after it had
come out.  I still have several projects that use it and I have built
some projects that use DBIx::Class as well in the last year.

I am the author of the Class::DBI::Plugin::FilterOnClick and at one
point I started to rewrite it to work under DBIx::Class as well, but
have not completed it yet.  That was at least two years ago.

After having worked with both modules I still like Class::DBI better,
but as with any software in the Internet era we have to keep moving
forward to what has a bigger community if we hope to have support and
get more pre-built goodies.  It seems strange to me that we discount a
module sometimes because it hasn't been updated in a while.  Somehow
frequency of update trumps usefulness.  Not for everyone mind you, but
it seems to be an increasing attitude.

My use of Class::DBI at this stage is completely maintenance and I
would not start any new projects in it simply because developers that
would be assisting in new projects have most likely use DBIx::Class
instead so it *might* be easier to find someone with experience to

In a way I think Class::DBI was ahead of the game, OO Perl had not yet
become cool enough so adoption of Class::DBI was low.  When it was
cool there was the blow up on the mailing list and I think all of that
was just poor timing.  It is a solid abstraction of SQL and can make
somethings easier then DBIx::Class, but the lack of adoption for the
wrong reasons really hurt it.

Those are my two cents anyway.


2009/3/27 Kate Yoak <kate at yoak.com>:
> Hey Kids,
> I've been using Class::DBI since 2005 - ironically, getting into it just
> after the Big Meltdown.  :-)
> I put a lot of work into customizations, relationships, little hacks to make
> it work the way I like it, and now it's like a comfy blanket.  It's hard to
> part.'
> A while ago I had an opportunity to look into DBIx::Class. I was on a
> project, which was committed to it, and was given the somewhat intimidating
> task of figuring out how to use it so I could teach everyone else.  I spent
> a lot of time getting to know it and was able to write some useful samples
> for the rest of the team.
> The end result - I went home and got back to my ever-so-sweet Class::DBI.
> Well, it's actually Matt's Class::DBI::Sweet.  It lends some unbelievable
> awesomeness to the module.
> I simply haven't found much that Class::DBI didn't support or didn't
> accomodate after just a little code.
> So... I was curious, is anyone still out there?  Matt, what are you up to?
> Is anyone maintaining Class::DBI still?  I would love to team up with
> someone to release some of my hacks, and if that were to happen, call for
> everyone else's. I'd really like to see this code resurrected.  Someone
> recently told me, Class::DBI was deprecated.  Deprecated my butt!  :-)
> Any thoughts? Any voices?
> Kate
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