[CDBI] question about set_sql and iterators

arnim.rupp at lhsystems.com arnim.rupp at lhsystems.com
Wed Nov 18 14:07:09 GMT 2009


i have a problem with set_sql and iterators to get data from 2 tables. I use the following (simplified) code:

use Class::DBI::Loader;

my $sql ="SELECT *
		FROM a,b
		WHERE a.id = b.id
		AND b.number > 5

A->set_sql(seek_stuff => $sql );
my $obj = A->search_seek_stuff();

while (my $record = $obj->next) {
	print $record->id; # works
	print $record->b.number; # doesn't work


i don't manage to get the results of the columns in table b and I find no hint in the documentation. any hints?

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