[CDBI] Wiki upgrade

Simon Wilcox essuu at ourshack.com
Thu Nov 19 12:31:45 GMT 2009

The upgrade to the wiki is finally done. Almost.

We've migrated to the latest version of Mediawiki on a new Debian machine.

Please could those with interest give it a whirl at 
http://cdbi.defiant.dcmanaged.com/ and let me know of any problems.

Admins - I've not made any changes to the config, there are probably 
many things we could change, I'll leave that to you to do and/or advise. 
MediaWiki administration is not a strength of mine!

I expect to migrate the DNS over in the next few days with Tony's 
assistance (as he owns class-dbi.com).

NOTE - any changes made to the current wiki will be lost as I don't plan 
to migrate the DB again. This shouldn't be a problem for real people, 
only the spambots.

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