[CDBI] Any advantage to upgrading to Class:Accessor v0.34?

Edward J. Sabol Edward.J.Sabol at nasa.gov
Tue Feb 2 00:00:35 GMT 2010

Jeff Pelkey wrote:
> I was looking at possibly upgrading the Class::Accessor module to version
> 0.34, since it now has a Moose like interface, but upon reading further down
> the doc (the last line actually), it stated:
> See Class::DBI <http://search.cpan.org/perldoc?Class%3A%3ADBI> for an
> example of this module in use. Hmm, so I'm a little confused? CDBI
> already has a moose-like interface?

AFAICT, Class::Accessor 0.34 supports a Moose-like interface for defining
accessors. It doesn't actually use Moose, nor do you get any of Moose's other
features like introspection and such. It's basically just incorporating
support for Moose's 'has' syntax for defining accessors. Nothing more.

Class::DBI certainly does not use Moose.

> After looking through the Class/DBI.pm code, I don't see it. If it does,
> how would it help and in what situations?

The docs just say Class:DBI uses Class::Accessor, which it does and has for
years and years. I don't think you should read more into than that.

To answer the question in your Subject: header, I think the answer is no, not
for using Class::DBI anyway.

Hope this helps,

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