[CDBI] Null Column Causing Repeated DB Calls

Edward J. Sabol Edward.J.Sabol at nasa.gov
Fri Feb 26 20:15:28 GMT 2010

Eric wrote:
> I do get beat up occassionally on the performance issue. This one is
> particularly egregious given that most of these queries for this particular
> app will return several thousand rows.

CDBI just wasn't designed to work with result sets of thousands of rows, so
it sounds like to me that you're going about this the wrong way. Sorry.

> I'd love to hear an alternative to the option below if you've got one.

Other than perhaps using a different ORM, if I were dealing with result sets
with thousands of rows, I'd probably bypass object instantiation entirely and
use set_sql() to define the query, grab a sth from the resulting sql_* class
method, and then use basic DBI methods to access the results. I'm not sure
what you're doing with your results though, so maybe that isn't feasible.
Typically, the only time I'd deal with thousands of rows in a result set is
when I'm doing reporting.

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